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Weekly Brews
Issue #12

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

June 10 2020

Another week passes, but our barmaids never tire. They’ll bring your newest brews right up!


Masters of the Gauntlet Handbook by TheArenaGuy

Last week on our Weekly Brews, we showed you all a titanic beast called the Onak. Delving deeper into the inventions of its creator, we’ve found a big book of content. This book is called the Masters of the Gauntlet Handbook, and it is full of everything from monsters to items, to subclasses, to new races, and MUCH more. Although you’ll need to pledge some cash to Patreon for it, it is more than enough content to make the deal worthwhile.

Emergency Transposition by ChronicleOfHeroes

Art credits: Enmanuel Martinez

Instant Orchestra by LoneGolurk

But what if you are not a coward? What if you feel like every single beast has a heart of gold that can be awoken through the power of music? Well, in that case, you need backup. How are you going to find such backup? EASY! All you need is the fancy cantrip known as Instant Orchestra. Summon the band and have some fun!


Art credits: AllPosters

That is all we can present you with for now, but we hope the sound of a spectral violin will guide you onto other articles on our site. We’ll bring you more soon enough!!

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