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Boardgame Gift Guide 2021

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

December 16th, 2021

Picture this: You need to find a gift for a friend of yours and you need to do so fast. You have no clue what to get them, but you know they like board games. What’s the solution? Funny you ask… We are. Choose a budget and browse our board game gift guide below for the perfect gift! You’ll be able to find anything your heart can want (and your wallet can afford it)!

All of us have, at one point or another, experienced this. Buying gifts ain’t that easy. But, if you want to give your board gaming-obsessed friend something to dote on, we’ve got your back. And don’t worry about not having a massive budget. We’ve included quite a wide price range. We’ve even added on promo packs for each category, all of which give massive discounts.

1. The Acquaintance (~50 lei)

If you’re on a budget or the person you’re buying a gift for isn’t THAT good of a friend, you could buy them a small board game. It’ll show you care enough to know they partake in the hobby, but won’t break the bank.


In Illusion, you’ll be playing about the traditional guessing game rules by using colors and percentages instead of words. It’s one of the most simple and relaxing games you can find.

illusion board game

Age of War

A short and sweet dice game, in which you fight for dominion over a few Japanese keeps. After you’ve fought for all of them, it’s time to count up the points. Have you chosen your battles properly? It’s simple, yet quite intense

Age of war board game

Story Cubes

You roll dice, then you make up a story on the spot based on the results. It’s as a baseline as it gets, but it will help you muster up your creativity.


If you used to enjoy puzzles as a kid, this is the game for you. It’s just as simple as a jigsaw puzzle but gives you more freedom than ever. Solve puzzles on the go, in as short a time as you can.


Escape Cards

Mystery games are usually quite expensive, but not this one. Escape Cards is one of the best budget choices out there. Every game night with this game will be completely unique.

Carti escape in play

2. The Hobby Bro (~100 lei)


A fast-paced party game set in the wild west. Only one will survive.


A family game with an educational side, teaching you about the beauties of Japanese art.

kanagawa board game

Dune: Betrayal

Is your friend a nerd in more senses than one? If they gushed about the new Dune movie, then what game could be better?

Dune Betrayal


One of the best two-player games out there, amazing for couples or short game sessions.

Promo Pack Choice – Port Royal

When you buy a game, you should always try to buy the whole experience, right? That’s why the Port Royal Promo Pack is the best deal for its price. Not only do you get the base game, you also get your hands on two amazing extensions.

3. The Best of Friends (>100 lei)

Betrayal At House on the Hill

The granddaddy of all horror board games, turning a collection of friendly players into opponents when one is haunted and starts betraying everyone.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

T.I.M.E. Stories

A cooperative narrative game centered around time travel. When it comes to exploring an overarching plot over multiple game nights, this one is the game for you.

Crusader Kings

A wargame set in medieval Europe. It is as traditional as wargames go, but that’s its main beauty. If you want to play something that requires consideration and planning, choose Crusader Kings.

Arkham Horror & Eldritch Horror

Though slightly different, both Arkham Horror & Eldritch Horror scratch the same itch: a cooperative fight against Lovecraftian monstrosities. They are unspeakable, but not undefeatable, and so it is your duty to save the world!

Tsuro of the Seas

A puzzle game unlike any other, Tsuro of the Seas reinvigorates the old game in a stylish way, bringing new mechanics to the tile-laying formula.

Tsuro of the seas

Promo Pack Choice – Dungeon Mayhem Family

Fewer card games are as explosive as the Dungeon Mayhem family. If you like a quick-paced and unbelievably addictive card game experience, the Dungeon Mayhem family will get you hooked.

Promo Pack Choice – Exit Games

The Exit series is one of the most unique series of games out there. Every game is styled like an Escape Room, requiring you to use deduction and problem solving to come to the game’s conclusion. If you’re a fan of escape rooms, this Promo Pack will get you a discount on buying up all you can.

Poetry for Neanderthals

Bonus idea

We hope that all these suggestions were helpful, but if you’re still looking for something else, we have one more idea for you:

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what board games they already have in their collection, then a gift card is always a good idea. They come in 3 flavors: 50 lei, 100 lei, and 200 lei.

Gift Cards The Guild Hall

Well, that about does it for the gifts you could get a board game enthusiast. If you still didn’t find something you deem truly worth it, worry not! You can find plenty of other board games up for grabs in our online shop. And the best part? We can deliver them anywhere in Romania, just a few clicks away.

P.S.: If board games are not your cup of tea, don’t worry! We’ll release some gift guides on both wargames and MTG, soon.

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