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Weekly Brews
Issue #11

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

June 3 2020

Well, it seems that our tankards are never empty, traveler! Why is that, you might ask? It is because we partake in some exceptional brews! Here are three of them!


The Warlord by KibblesTasty

For those of you who like leading the charge, this is what you were always looking for. Using KibblesTasty’s newest homebrew class, The Warlord, you can lead armies and warbands like never before, shouting commands and rallying cries until you emerge victorious! What also boosts the class “stocks” are is the fact that it is quite open stat-wise, allowing for both Intelligence and Wisdom based builds.

Art credits: James Ryman (MtG)

The Onak by TheArenaGuy

Art credits: Daniel Warren Johnson (MtG)

The Ocean Domain Cleric by Henry_Smithy

Last up on the docks (pun intended) is the Ocean Domain Cleric. This awesome cleric subclass will bring a high-tide of fun (pun intended again). With wonderful water powers and plenty of versitlity, you’ll be flooded (AND AGAIN) with fun. And if the puns don’t show how much we love this subclass, we do not know what does.

And so we are done for this week, but be sure to return next week, as we’ll have plenty more ready for you!

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