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Guiding Rules & Principles

Have fun while playing! We do not require exclusivity, nor do we ask for a certain level of involvement. Each member is free to play his favorite game(s) with whom, when and how he/she likes.
We are ultimately a community, and the interaction and communication between its members we consider to be essential. Whether it is online (Facebook groups & Discord) or in-store, we do not ask for anything beyond common sense and mutual respect.

The official position of the community in relation to any other person is represented only by TGH Staff and any other persons named explicitly for that purpose. Any statements made by other members of the community are by no means an official position. Also, any actions or statements made under the pretext of representing community interests, both within and outside the community, are prohibited for all other members except those listed above. Any violation will result in exclusion from the community.

The following will not be tolerated: personal attacks, threatening, abusive, inappropriate or offensive behavior. A civilized behavior requires debating the ideas expressed and not the people who expressed them, and all the members of the community must show maturity in their behavior (this is not referring to age, but to attitude).

Hostile treatment or inappropriate remarks addressed to TGH Staff or to the people responsible for an event when they merely ensure that the rules and principles of the community are respected will be sanctioned accordingly.


Any personal conflicts should be avoided – only civilized discussions between the members of the community are accepted; in case of any disagreement, you should first move away from a public discussion and try to address this in a private (one-to-one, ideally face to face) chat, attempting to find a win-win resolution or a compromise. If that is not possible, the people involved in any “heated” discussions will request to have the conflict mediated by TGH Staff, in an attempt to find a common ground or a resolution.


All community members are asked to bring any outstanding issues that they see are affecting the community to the immediate attention of TGH Staff. This will help address these issues in a much more efficient way, without any unnecessary dramas.


The violation of the basic principles that constitute the foundation of this community might cause TGH Staff to take one or more of the following measures: issue a warning, start a probationary period for the members involved or direct exclusion.

Basically, the rules above say:

Be kind, considerate and respectful to your fellow community members. Use common sense. That’s probably the essential thing here – you know what they say: the funny thing about common sense is that it’s not that common. Let’s try and make sure that’s not the case here.

If you have an issue with someone else in the community, take it in private and discuss/address it. If you can’t, ask someone from TGH staff to mediate the conflict.

If there’s something not quite right, make sure the people who can actually do something about it know about it as soon as possible. It’s the only way it can potentially get fixed.
Last, but not least, have fun. This is a thing that stems from a hobby, and it’s something that all of us do in our spare time. Let’s not let personal dramas and unwanted behavior spoil that.

Tabletop Community

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To reward our most engaged community members, we’ve created a rewards system called Community Tokens. Help us organize any type of event under the TGH banner and get you Community Tokens!

Tabletop Community

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