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How we work & entries

How does the space work?

We are an anti-cafe. Instead of paying for consumption, you will pay a fixed entrance fee and you will be able to spend as much time as you want in our space, benefiting from our high-speed internet, unlimited hot drinks, and our collection of over 250 games.
In case you plan to visit us more often, you will be able to purchase a membership, which will offer you unlimited entries or a fixed number of Day Passes, a discount on products and preorders and other benefits.

What's the difference between a Day Pass and an Evening Pass?

It’s easy: a Day Pass gives you full access for an entire day. If you come in after 5 pm, however, the Day Pass comes at a discount, and we call that an Evening Pass.

What's the advantage of having a Membership over a Day Pass?

Depending on the Membership option you choose, you get a lot of benefits: discounts on all products in our shop, as well as on preorders, discounted Day/Evening for your friends (40/25 RON) and even free printing, free locker & a guaranteed cowork hotdesk seat for Work Memberships.

Can I share my Membership with someone else?

All membership are designated to a specific person, so sharing them with someone else is not possible. However, if you have an active Membership, your friends can benefit of discounted Day/Evening entries for only 40/25 RON.

Can I bring a friend if I have a Membership?

Yes, of course. Visiting the Guild Hall should be a fun event for all your friends and family, so feel free to bring them along! If you have an active Membership, each person you bring along can buy one discounted Day/Evening entry for only 40/25 RON.

Can I bring outside food and/or drinks?

Of course. All around The Guild Hall, there are lots of great coffee shops, fast food places and restaurants. On top of that, you can order takeout from anywhere you like while you work or play here. We also offer a variety of warm and cold beverages, snacks and sodas in-store for your convenience. Included in your Day Pass or Membership Packs you have water and warm drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, tea) for the entire duration of your stay.


How does the co-work in your space work?

Quite simple! Whether you buy a Day Pass or a Membership, you will have access to our high-speed internet, a hotdesk and access to hot drinks throughout your workday. If you have an important meeting coming up, you can also rent one of our conference rooms. They can be rented for 4 hours or for the entire day, therefore the rates are flexible on the duration of your stay. Also, if you’re a member, you can rent a conference room per hour.

Can I rent a conference room just for one hour?

If you have a Play & Work or Work membership, there is the option of renting a conference room at a hourly rate – 80 RON/hour for The Alchemy Lab and 160 RON/hour for The Workshop. Any of your guests can join you after buying a Guest Pass or a membership. Otherwise, you can rent the conference rooms for half day or for the entire day. Details here.

Will I get a desk of my own and a laptop?

Unfortunately not – our space is designed primarily for board gamers, but used during the day for coworking, being quiet and having all the ingredients for a productive day! Feel free to bring your laptop, and we’ll make sure you have a spot near a power outlet.

In-store gaming & events

What are your weekly events?

When it comes to events, at The Guild Hall you can find something to do every night of the week!

Check out the upcoming events here.

I haven't ever played a board game, but I want to. Am I welcome?

Of course, you are! We have a lot of events for beginners, check them out on this link.

Shop & Preorders

I bought a product from your shop. What's the timeline for that product arriving and how will I be informed of this?

In most cases, you can expect to receive the product between one to three days from when you placed the order. In case of a delay, we will keep you posted.

I pre-ordered an item. What's the timeline for that product arriving and how will I be informed of this?
We try to bring your pre-orders as fast as possible.  However, this depends on our suppliers. Usually, you can expect your product to arrive in 2 weeks if it’s in stock at our suppliers. You can always check the status for your preorder here or you can ask us on facebook/mail and we will get back to you with an update.
Are the games in your collection available for purchase? Are the purchasable games also available for play?

Yes! A large part of the store’s collection is available for purchase (or pre-order). As for the playable game, you can find the entire in-store collection on our website.

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