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Covid Update

Are you open & what are your current opening hours?
We are open and ready for business! Whether you’d like to come to play and buy board games, cowork, or need a place for your next workshop, meeting we’re here for you.


Can I come to play board games?
Yes, you can! Finally, the game area is open and ready for board game nights. Our game collection is growing, so you have even more games to choose from.
Is the co-work area open?
Yes, the co-work area is open! Every Wednesday newcomers are welcome to try out the space for free.

Temporary opening hours:


How we work & entries

How does the space work?
In short, we are an anti-cafe. Instead of paying for consumption, you will pay a fixed entrance fee, and you will be able to spend as much time as you want in our space, benefiting from our high-speed internet, unlimited hot drinks and our collection of over 200 games.
In case you plan to visit us more often, you will be able to purchase a membership, which will offer you a fixed number of Day Passes, a discount on products and passes and other benefits.
What's the difference between a Day Pass and an Evening Pass?

It’s easy: a Day Pass gives you full access for an entire day. If you come in after 6 pm, however, the Day Pass comes at a discount, and we call that an “Evening Pass”.

What is the advantage of having a Monthly Membership over a Day Pass?

First of all, you’re looking at a huge discount. Usually, you would pay 40 RON for a full day spent at the Guild Hall – the membership will cut that price in half and offer all the other perks and advantages at only 20 RON per visit. It’s like buying Day Passes at half price, while also getting a 5% or 10% discount for all in-store products depending on the membership pack you will choose.

Each membership comes with a certain number of Day Passes included. If you run out of the Day Passes included in your Membership Pack, we give you the possibility to add more at a 20 RON flat rate per extra Day Pass, thus keeping that 50% off discount

There’s an exception for the 10-Pack “membership”. With that, you can’t buy extra day passes. Once you use all of them, your membership expires.

Do I have to pay extra for the Day Pass if I have a membership?

If you run out of Day Passes included in the Membership Pack you have selected we give you the possibility to add more at a 20 RON flat rate per extra Day Pass. That a 50% discount over our regular 40 RON fee.

There’s an exception for the 10-Pack “membership”. With that, you can’t buy extra day passes. Once you use all of them, your membership expires.

Can I share my membership card with someone else?

All membership cards are registered to a specific person, so sharing them with someone else is not possible, as they won’t be able to use them. You can, however, use your member card and included Day Passes to bring in guests along with you and cover the entry fee for them.

Can I bring a guest if I have a membership card?

Yes, of course. Visiting the Guild Hall should be a fun event for all your friends and family, so feel free to bring them along. For each person you bring along we will deduct one Day Pass from your membership. Remember that you can add more Day Passes to your pack at a flat rate of 20 RON per Day Pass, so you will always have enough for all your friends.

Can I bring outside food and/or drinks?

Of course. All around The Guild Hall, there are lots of great coffee shops, fast food places and restaurants. On top of that, you can order takeout from anywhere you like while you work or play here. We also offer a variety of warm and cold beverages, snacks and sodas in-store for your convenience. Included in your Day Pass or Membership Packs you have water and warm drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, tea) for the entire duration of your stay.

How does the co-work in your space work?
Quite simple! Whether you buy a Day Pass or a membership, you will have access to our high-speed internet, a hotdesk and access to hot drinks throughout your workday. If you have a subscription and an important meeting is coming up, you will be able to rent one of our meeting rooms. The rate for these is flexible and can be rented by the hour or for the entire day.

In-store gaming & events

What are your weekly events?

When it comes to events, at The Guild Hall you can find something to do every night of the week!

We start the week off with Happy Monday. All Evening Passes cost only 15 RON, to help you get over the worst day of the week.

Tuesday and Saturday are our Wargaming days, Tuesday starting 18:00, and Saturday at 14:00. It’s where massive armies will fight for dominance!

Wednesday is the perfect day for beginners, because it’s Beginner’s Board Game Night, where we’ll give you the basics of board gaming.

Thursday is also meant for beginners, because we host our D&D Beginner Sessions, where anyone can learn to play the popular RPG Dungeons & Dragons.

On Friday we have the unique atmosphere of the Mystery & Crime Board Game Night, with games that test your inner detective.

On Saturday, in addition to Wargaming, we also host our Hobby Day, where you can learn how to paint miniatures, starting at 15:00.
The Magic: The Gathering community meets on Fridays and/or Saturdays. If your up for a casual play you’re welcome to the TGH Mystery Booster Draft.

Do I have to bring friends to attend an event?
Absolutely not! Even if you don’t have anyone to bring with you, here you will find someone to play with, whether it be other people who came alone or a member of our team. We’re friendly and always up for a great game. 🙂
I want to play a game, but you don't have it open and I don't know if I want to buy it, what should I do?
Buy a membership! 🙂 If you have an active membership, you will be able to vote for what game we open next each month.
I haven't ever played a board game, but I want to. Am I welcome?
Of course, you are! We invite you to join us anytime, but we recommend you drop by on Wednesday or Thursday. On those days, we hold events meant for beginners!

Shop & Preorders

I bought a product from your shop. What's the timeline for that product arriving and how will I be informed of this?
In most cases, you can expect to receive the product between one and two weeks from when you placed the order. In case of a delay, we will keep you posted.
I pre-ordered an item. What's the timeline for that product arriving and how will I be informed of this?
We try to bring your pre-orders as fast as possible; however, this depends on our suppliers. Usually, you can expect your product to arrive in 2 weeks. In case of a delay, we will keep you posted.
Are the games in your collection available for purchase? Are the purchasable games also available for play?
Yes! A large part of the store’s collection is available for purchase (or pre-order). As for the playable game, you can find the entire collection on our website.

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