Building a community

Our Partners

The Guild Hall has always been about the community spirit, and we all know “community” is something you really can’t do alone. That’s why we are pleased to work with several partners, in an attempt to deliver genuine added value to everyone who wanders into our place.

All these partners share our vision and effort in trying to make the tabletop & board gaming experience accessible and enjoyable to the entire community of boardgamers in Cluj. They help us shape The Guild Hall into the place to meet, play, exchange information, discover new games, and share the enthusiasm.

We want to thank all of them for their involvement and for helping us promote the world of tabletop among their teams! That is why, if you work for any of the companies listed here, you’ll get 10% off on any of our full-price membership fees and 10% off on any room reservation.

If your company is not on the list, yet you feel our vision and values are something they would be willing to promote, there’s something you can do to help! Just get in touch with us and let us know who are the best people we can speak with about this. Or tell them to contact us directly. We’ll take it over from there. 🙂

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