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Weekly Brews
Issue #20

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

August 5 2020

Well, adventurers, the time has come… This article will be the last of our weekly brews series. For now. I’ve saved quite a few homebrews for this one, and, to honor this fantastic series, there will be five instead of the usual 3. It has been a joy writing these articles every week for the past 20. More is to come, but until then you can browse the previous blog posts in this series.

The Witch by Zarieth

About a year ago, Reddit user posted an amazing class called the Witch to the Unearthed Arcana subreddit. This year, he’s graced us with a new version of the class, marvelously balanced, full with flavor and incredibly fun. There are no words to describe how deep this class is and how much it has to offer. The Witch is the best you’re going to find.

Art credits: Wizards of the Coast

Pirates & Buccaneers by _hofnar_

Art credits: Wizards of the Coast

The Books of Magic by Oliver Clegg

I could not resist putting this bundle here. It is a massive discount for three books filled to the brim with amazingly thematic and crazy content. Whether we’re speaking about the Circle of Midsummer for Druids, the Cat Domain for Clerics, or the College of Ravens Bard, they are amazing. If you’re looking for a large number of subclasses, all of which are of high quality, I highly recommend The Books of Magic.

Art credits: Oliver Clegg

Uncaged Anthology

Now and then, I am greeted by beautifully deep adventures, that subvert the usual fantasy tropes and bring about a brand new flavor of fun! Such is the case for the Uncaged Anthology. This terrific series of adventures bring out the stories of traditionally female monsters, packed up with beautiful illustrations. It’s empowering, witty, different, and very worth it

Art credits: Uncaged Authors

The B’dooga by Mr_Bluey

I had a lot of questions about how I’d end this series. Initially, I wanted to give one of my homebrews out, but It felt like a cop-out. Instead, I chose one of the craziest homebrews I have ever seen, because that is what D&D is about. It’s about having fun and being stupid. And nothing else represents that better than a fluffy nightmare snake.

Art credits: Andrew McIntosh

And that is all. It’s been a fun journey. I am thankful for it. That’s all we have for today, but we’re waiting for you with more fun stuff soon enough.

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