Weekly Brews

Weekly Brews
Issue #2

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

April 1, 2020

Welcome back, traveler! Take a seat and grab a drink, for we have been waiting for you for the past week, curating the best brews we could find. This week, we’re bringing you a fun rework of the Four Elements monk, a simple magical item for you to sell to thirsty players and a fun twist on your typical guards.

Way of the Four Elements – Divided by Elvennoob

Using the Way of the Four Elements Monk subclass as a starting point, user Elvennoob created four unique subclasses with elemental-based powers for those who wish to smash faces using rocks and only rocks (or any other element, for that matter). All four elements have distinct playstyles, with fire being mainly damage, earth controlling the area around them, water supporting their friends, and wind having very high movement. If you ask me, the Way of the Swirling Wind looks to be the most fun, as flying is an absolute joy in a movement-based game such as D&D. You can find it here.

Traveler’s Flask by Blue_Bit

Ever wanted to make tea, but had no way to heat the water? What about wanting to take a sip of ice-cold water, but finding it boiling within your waterskin? Well, no more! Now, you can have access to the Traveler’s Flask, designed by Blue_Bit. Simple as it may be, this is an excellent item for your players to get their hands on and find unique uses for. Consider even offering it to them in a shop of magical items. Here is the link.

Dogs of War by _hofnar_

War ain’t easy on anyone. We should also remember that every soldier is different. Luckily, Reddit user _hofnar_ did it for us! If you’re tired of all your soldiers and guards being the same boring stat blocks, take a look at his Dogs of War. Boasting men-at-arms, axemen and even a mine-placing sapper, these soldiers are sure to improve your war campaigns.

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