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Weekly Brews
Issue #5

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

April 22 2020

Welcome back to our tavern, adventurer! We hope you enjoyed your Easter and are ready for some new brews. We sure are! Let’s get straight into it!

Faravere’s Blazing Trail by Lescaster1998

Striker Feats by KibblesTasty

Next up, we’re helping out those weapon masters. Here are KibblesTasty’s Striker Feats. If you feel like you need to bring the thunder a little more, but your run of the mill feats aren’t enough, these feats will surely give you what you want. They help you smash, bash and thrash all around the battlefield and are quite balanced.

The Biologist by TheExodude

Lastly, we’re bringing you TheExodude’s Biologist subclass for the Artificer. The TGH team has quickly fallen in love with D&Ds newest official class (which you can get by buying Eberron: Rising from The Last War from our online shop). This subclass gives you the chance to brew formulas, adding a lot of versatility to an already Swiss army knife of a class. Check it out!
That’s all we have for now, but we’re sure to bring you even more soon enough!

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