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Weekly Brews
Issue #17

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

July 15 2020

Welcome yet again, adventurers! Although it does get tiresome to say hello, in the same way, every day, one thing that does not get old is showing you the best brews we’ve got to offer. So, here they are!

Tavern Games by noblepigeon

Want to give your players the full tavern-going experience? Are they bored with the usual drinks and food? It might be time for you to implement some Tavern Games! Boasting fun yet straightforward mechanics, all of the five games are perfect for any shady bar or fantasy casino! Whether you’ll be throwing down knucklebones or you’ll be playing some Gunpowder Gut, you’re sure to enjoy yourself!

Art credits: anotherwanderer

Fun with Fishing by Reaglesham

Art credits: snatti89

Cursebreaking by Valerion

To tie up the trio of alternative rules we’ve offered you today, we’ll provide you with some rules for Cursebreaking, giving brand new horror to the possessions and enchantments your clerics have been handling with ease thus far. This mechanic makes it a bit more difficult to get rid of the curse that hag placed on your rogue, but it will make it way more rewarding too!

Art credits: Konstantin Vavilov

That would be all we’ve got to offer today, but be sure to test out these rules and tell us what you think about them! We’ll be waiting with plenty more for the week to come.

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