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Dungeon Diaries:
Betrayal… Already

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

June 13 2020

Ever wanted to read the hidden stories behind adventurers? Follow the story of some small-time heroes from the wondrous world of Bricia.

Previously on Dungeon Diaries – Elsewhere

Before the end of the day, our adventurers have made their way to the beautiful city of Springstop. The City of Springs, as it is also called, earned its popularity and wealth due to the hot springs that emerge from the side of the mountain. The source of these is unknown, but it is believed that the powerful minerals that dwell right beneath the surface make for reactions that warm the waters. So, having just undergone a fight against strong enemies, our adventurers decide to partake in an evening at the springs. Together, Faelynn, Sikwerk, Seraphine, and Kai arrive and get a room for four.

Only three will leave.


Discussion emerges from within the springs, as the four of them discuss their origins, the ways in which they are linked, and how fate has bound them together. All seems to go well.

‘And what about you, Seraphine?’ asks the joyful Kai, frolicking in the water.

‘Well… I studied in the Academy of Arts in Diarhild for a few years, and then I became a paladin.’ answers Seraphine from outside the water, her fiery genasi form not taking that well to it.

From inside the water, Sikwerk’s ears perk up. He begins listening eagerly to the conversation, although he may try and hide it.

‘And which god do you follow?’ 

‘It’s actually two gods, not one. I worship The Swan Gods.’

Kai has never heard of The Swan Gods before, but Faelynn, resting next to Seraphine from outside the pool, has. Her body tenses up in discomfort, but she tries her best to hide it. Although she does not say it, those gods are not ones seen well by most.

‘And what are they gods of? Are they a pair of gods for the same thing?’ Kai carries no interest in religion, but much interest in people. Friendliness becomes the last thing you are left with when you’re an orphan. And Kai knows that best.

‘The gods of love and lust. Also pleasure. Also… other things. To be more specific, the black swan is the god of lust, while his lover, the white swan, is the god of love. I serve them both equally. Speaking of… I promised the person at the counter I would perform in the common room, so I should be on my way.’


As Seraphine makes her way towards the hallway, Sikwerk emerges out of the water and decides to join her. They both change, then head out. That is when Sikwerk stops a few steps behind his friend.

‘You said something funny while inside. You said you studied in Diarhild. That is not from home.’ 

Seraphine freezes. It might be too late to explain herself. She does not even get to chance to turn around before the first crossbow bolt is shot. And by the second one, she is unconscious. Hearing the commotion, Kai exists in the hallway. He charges boldly towards the goblin, prepared for intense combat. His blows will be the strength of mountains, and his heart is burning with an inner fire. 

But he never makes it to the goblin. Because the crossbow bolts shoot out faster. And he falls to the ground just the same. Some commoners try to exit into the hallway, but the sight of the lonely goblinoid tying up two fire genasis, surprisingly, makes them decide that they’ll spend a little while longer within the hot springs.

 It is only a little while later when Faelynn exits their room and finds her friends being tied up, that the goblin finally meets a match. With quick spells and the power of the gods, Faelynn ensures that her friends won’t bleed out and that the goblin meets his end. And by the time she is done with them, the guards have arrived.

One would assume that convincing the guards that a goblin, a despised race, attacked your friends and that you saved them, would be easy. One would be right, making this assumption. For most, it is indeed effortless to convince guards of their innocence. Unfortunately, Faelynn is not like most. She is a solitary being. And so, when Seraphine and Kai awake, she is nowhere to be found. In an outburst of fear, the two rush towards the guard’s station. 

And they arrive just in time to hear shouting. A lot of shouting.

…to be continued. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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