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Dungeon Diaries:

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

May 31 2020

Ever wanted to read the hidden stories behind adventurers? Follow the story of some small-time heroes from the wondrous world of Bricia.

Previously on Dungeon Diaries – Revealing the Mystery

Although we’ve only watched one group of oddballs and misfits across their adventures, it would be foolish to think they are the only ones in the world. No. Certainly, there are many more adventurers in our world. As fate might have, some of them will have their stories intertwined with those we have just watched over. 


But, of course, they don’t know that right now. Right now, sleepy and careless regarding the world around her, Seraphine sits in a smelly cart. Alongside her is a man who hasn’t spoken a single word and a small goblinoid figure, with a crooked smile. She gives the goblin a look, without knowing precisely what he wants. The goblin gives her the same look, knowing exactly what he wants. He nods his head, and she nods back. It is still unclear to her why the small, greenish creature is doing this, but an ally is always better than an enemy. He gets ever so closer and winks. She winks back.

‘You’re one of us, right? You have to be.’ he whispers.

Seraphine has not met any goblins in her life, but at that moment, she knows it might help her to say she has.

‘Of course. We’re here for the same reason, right?’

‘Right, right. Of course.’ The small creature lets out a rough a sandpaper laugh, breaking the low tone he’s been keeping.

‘Sikwerk’s the name. I’m… LOCAL.’ He emphasizes the last word, winking strongly. It’s most clearly a lousy attempt at a code. Nevertheless, Seraphine nods. She knows it’s the best she can do, but she hates it just the same.




‘Alright, little missy… I can… Take you in, I guess…’ The large tortle manning the horses looks down at the well-dressed elf with a confused glance, scratching his head. In the cart, meditating, his master’s pupil has not even realized the arrival of the elf. 

Faelynn’s eyes dart back towards the silent figure in the back. His skin is blue and watery, almost transparent, with his hair long and fashioned into thick dreads, made almost of clear water. She has never seen anything of this creation, but she has studied enough to know that the figure is a water genasi. The man opens his eyes and meets the gaze of Faelynn. He smiles widely, and his features quickly lose every tint of sternness. He smiles with the joy and calmness of a boy. And Faelynn knows she has a spot in that cart.


‘So, what brings you north?’ asks the genasi, his posture laid back as the cart slowly rolls forward.

‘I… I’m searching for something, actually.’ The little elven girl shily hides her glance away from the man, even though he seems unimposing. The tingle at the top of her fingers and toes hasn’t stopped since she said her first word to the tortle. That is one of the side effects of leaving solitude.

‘Cool. I’m heading to the Feathered Sanctuary, a bit further north. Maybe you want to come with? It’s apparently also got this temple of elemental powers, where I want to become a monk.’ Kai suggests being joined out of sheer goodness, but it has been quite a while since he was as young as Faelynn looks. It is hard to be alone at such a young age. Sometimes you need a little more than yourself.

‘Thank you, I’ll consider it. I, for one, don’t know where I’m headed. I’m just -.’

The cart stops abruptly. And Faelynn’s words stop with it. Silence. Kai looks in front of him. On the side of the road, a covered cart. In front of both carts, a large log, blocking the road. Faelynn spots the spots of blood ahead of everyone, and she quickly rushes over to the bush next to the path. 


Which is when all hell breaks loose.



Seraphine hears the commotion from inside her cart, and the fire inside her doesn’t let her rest. She rushes outside without any regard for her safety, lance in hand. It does not take her long to jump into the fight. Kai, although much calmer, does the same as she does. They meet each other’s eyes for a second. One peaceful and made of water, the other a soul of fire. They nod. And then they fight together.


And it does not take long before a swarm of bats almost slaughters both of them.



Luckily, Faelynn is not just a little girl. One hundred years of studying to become a sage will turn little girls into quite a few things, but one of them is not cowards. It does turn them into adept healers, which is precisely what Seraphine and Kai need. Together, the three of them almost clear the road of the bats and little men known as Xvarts, who command the blind, but obedient creatures. Almost, because in the last second, before the chance is had by the short and purple creatures to take down any of our heroes, the goblin shoots them. He makes a bow and shoots again, before coming close to Seraphine. 

‘Our kind sticks together, no?’ His teeth are yellow and crooked, but his intentions are somewhat pure. For now.

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