Tabletop 101

D&D supplements All DMs Need

by Șerban Pop

July 01 2021

If there is one thing no DM wants to be, is to be boring. Virtually nobody would like to be the DM who has nothing new to bring to the table, no in-depth descriptions, no fun traps, nada. If you want to dodge that bullet altogether, you’re going to need to put in a little more work (which sometimes means a little homebrew). Now, as much as you could do that on your own, it’ll take time, which you don’t always have. So here are the BEST tools you can buy to make your sessions WAY more fun instantly.

Fantasy World Creator

Objects of Intrigue

D&D objects of intrigue

Wandering Monsters

D&D wandering monsters

Critical Hit, Fail & Luck Decks

Treacherous Traps

Treacherous Traps 5e

The D&D Adventure Grid

D&D Adventure grid

Books of Battle Mats

Book of battle mats Tools all Dms need

Remarkable Shops & Their Wares

D&D Remarkable shops

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