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Weekly Brews
Issue #7

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

May 6 2020

Back already, adventurers? Beautiful! Let us show you what we’ve gathered for you on this sunny Wednesday!


Nevermore by haertofwinter

Do you like being a utility mage? What about ravens? If you like both, then Reddit user haertofwinter has designed the spell of your dreams. Nevermore is a great mix of RNG and crowd control, with damage only being a simple addition. It is a simple, yet amazing spell!

Art credits: TeeTurtle

The Gourment by Pixel_Engine

Art credits: Sebastian Luca

Soulsage by Yorviing

As I mentioned last time, I am a big fan of Yorviing’s creations. This week I focus one of my favorites, that being the Soul Sage! It is a wizard subclass that channels your inner death-obsessed maniac, with a bit of flair to boot. I very much recommend it, as it is simple, yet powerful and has some good utility. Collect some souls and break it down using this subclass! 

Art credits: Ashleylun

That is all for now, but we sure hope that you’ll join us next week for another set of wonderful weekly brews! 

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