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Weekly Brews
Issue #6

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

April 29 2020

Our tavern never closes down, adventurer! It’s good to have you in it too, so welcome back! Here are this week’s top brews. 

Golems by Kankerata

We at TGH love golems. We’d absolutely love to have one too! It seems that Reddit user Kankerata also loves golems, as he’s created a few additional ones to help out your monstrous needs in dnd, so here are his Golems. 

Way of the Moon Monk by Yorviing 

Waterspout by Redcave065

To top off today, we have something more straightforward and quite lovely. It is a spell called Waterspout. Created by user Redcave065, this spell provides a high-damage water-based spell that can ensure your safety by pushing enemies away.  

That is all for now, but we sure hope that you’ll join us next week for another set of wonderful weekly brews! 

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