Weekly Brews

Weekly Brews
Issue #3

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

April 8, 2020

Back so soon? Well, grab a drink and take a seat, our team has prepared some tasty homebrews.

The Queen’s Feather by Goldilust

Do you know what every rogue needs? Teleportation. This is why Reddit user Goldilust has created The Queen’s Feather. Using this dagger created by the Raven Queen, you can stab and teleport behind your enemies to your heart’s desire. It’s awesome!

Path of the Executioner by Coletnelson

Are all barbarians savage killers? No, not. An example would be Coletnelson’s Path of the Executioner. These are the stone-cold killers of justice. You can give up savage attacks for one critical strike, follow trails of blood and heal yourself by executing your enemies.

Half-Dwarf Race by LaserLlama

The creator of this homebrew said this best: “Why should elves and orcs have all the fun?” The half-dwarf is for those who wanted majestic dwarven beards, but fast human feet. It’s fun, simple, unique and perfect for a little more spice in your world. Here is the link.

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