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Weekly Brews
Issue #16

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

July 8 2020

Welcome back for another round of good ol’ fashion brews! They’re ready to give you all the entertainment you deserve!

The Dearly Departed by FrenchTech16

Ever wanted to bring back your beloved to fight alongside you as an undead husk of who they formerly were? Yes, it might torture their soul and make them hate their entire existence, but it will surely be a lot of fun for you as a warlock! And that’s precisely what FrenchTech16 created for you. We present… The Dearly Departed.

Art credits: Worldsingers

The Giantopede by DeckofJokersGames

Art credits: Jason Kang

Overland Journeys by Littlerob

Did your players’ journey through the jungle feel underwhelming and way too easy? It might be because you are not using Littlerob’s Overland Journeys rules. These rules were meant to not only make long rests harder but also to provide for exciting ways to dictate how your players will travel across the lands. No longer will their survival be a guaranteed thing.

Art credits: inetgrafx

That would be all for today, dear reader, but we sure hope you’ll get to use these beautiful homebrews as soon as possible! It’s all in your hands! We’ll see you soon!

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