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Weekly Brews
Issue #15

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

July 1 2020

Another week has come, and we’ve prepared a brand new set of homebrews for you to enjoy. Here they are!

The Swordmage by fanatic66


An ode to the Swordmage of good ol’ 3.5e, this mighty magical warrior combines spellcasting with powerful combat abilities and diverse subclasses. If you’re interested in a powerful class with plenty of variety and brand new spells, the Swordmage is the one for you.

Art credits: Valentina Remenar

Galehollow by belithiobe

New Genasi Subraces by LavaLatte

If you were to ask ordinary people how many elements there are, they would, without flinching, say four. However, if you were to ask the customization-obsessed D&D players, the result is much more different. As all good D&D players know, a lot can happen when two genasis love each other very much. And these are some new genasi subraces to highlight that multi-elemental lovemaking.

Art credits: ruushes

That would be all for this week, but we urge you to make genasi love until next week, when we’ll bring many more. You can count on us!

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