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Weekly Brews
Issue #14

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

June 24 2020

Hello, adventurer! It is quite lovely to have you around for yet another week! This week, we’ll be putting on a spectacular show, of that you can be sure. Let us start!

The Masks of Theros by Catherine Evans, Steffie de Vaan, Christian Eichhorn, Beatriz T. Dias, Oliver Clegg

You can reckon that a lot of work has been put in for this project by the large number of names you just read. All these successful homebrewers (that you can find on the Dungeon Master’s Guild) gathered up to create The Masks of Theros. Originating in D&Ds newest sourcebook, these six powerful magical items are sure to turn your world upside down. Just offer one of them to your players and watch them put it on without hesitation.

The Puppeteer Patron by JayPea__

Art credits: Chris Karbach

Ice Items by flashpointbrews

Summer has officially come. And for people like me, that is the WORST thing that could possibly happen. Why? Because heat is the worst. Luckily, flashpointbrews have offered up an opportunity to keep things cool: Ice Items. You’ll no longer be a victim of heatstroke while playing dnd.

Art credits: Wizards of the Coast

We’ve got no more magic and brewery for now, but next week, since it is our 15th edition, we will surely provide something worth the wait! Come and see!

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