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Issue #10

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

May 27 2020

Well, hello there, adventurer! You’ve come back once again. To celebrate this occasion, why don’t I share what we brewed in our hidden brewery?

The Hearthwood Puppeteer by Serbanzai

That’s right. Today, to celebrate 10 issues of our weekly brews, I’ll present my personal creations to you. First off, I present to you my child, my beloved baby: the Hearthwood Puppeteer. This is a half-caster class that focuses on consistent damage and utility from long range, using their signature puppets to do their fighting for them. If you want a challenging class that allows interesting and unique combos, this will be the one for you!

Art credits: quadri

Control Shadow by Serbanzai

Shining Wizard by Serbanzai

Last up, we’ve got the Shining Wizard, a magical rapier that encourages rushing from enemy to enemy with quickness and deadly radiant strikes. This item is the perfect match for your College of Swords bards or your Swashbuckler rogues. Strike down monsters with this blade of light! 

That will be all for today, but we’d enjoy your feedback now more than ever. Be sure to send us comments and tell us what you enjoyed!

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