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Dungeon Diaries:
Revealing the Mystery

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

May 17 2020

Ever wanted to read the hidden stories behind adventurers? Follow the story of some small-time heroes from the wondrous world of Bricia.

Previously on Dungeon Diaries – An army

After Arty is taken away, the rest are told to sit tight and not move. Despite the initial fights against authority, they obey the command. They sit tight and wait for further investigation.

That’s what the guards think, at least. In truth, Naila leaves in less than a minute to investigate the lead she was given by Calamity: the killer’s cart. She rushes there as fast as one can and tries the door. It is locked. Climbing on top of the cart is not hard for her nimble nature, however. She makes her way in the messy cart, smelling of lavender perfume and other expenses. There is a long table, placed up on the right side, that reaches to the other door of the caravan, which opens to the front part, from which one can hold the reigns. On the left side, there is a long, wooden bench, filled with pillows and affixed to the wooden back of the caravan, divided in the middle by another small wooden cupboard, which is also fastened to the bench. Against the left wall, there’s a large wooden wardrobe with beautiful metal handles. There are two chairs and two mirrors on the right-table side, and everywhere she looks, she finds anything from fine clothing to bottles and glasses of wine, to elaborate little perfume holders, one keg of ale and the usual other things.

Naila thoroughly searches throughout the cart. Underneath the long tables, small daggers are affixed to metal holders. A vast array of wines catches her attention, everything from Delerin Red, Cloberd’Otisportrt, and other select wines. What is also found is a letter from a certain „Virtuos.” Having seen this letter, Naila finally returns to the main tent.

Of course, if you were to ask the guards, Naila never left. Due to being so obedient, our group of heroes were all let go and kindly requested to leave the guards to pursue their leads. Calamity got closer to the furred monk and looked at her inquisitively.
‘You were right. This was a planned attack. There’s’s a letter to confirm it.’ whispers Naila’
‘Gods… Well, then we’ll have to break Arty out. Shcan’t’t take the fall for this.’ Continued Calamity.’
‘Certainly not. We’ll take care of it.’

They should’ve known better than to leave adventurers with leads on their merry way.

The first place they head towards is The Hay Bale Inn. The old wooden building is full of travelers and celebration. Such is the case for inns in the time of great festivals. The air is filled with song and happiness, at least for the travelers that have decided not to take up the circus invitations that were spread in the small town. For those who had indeed gone to the circus, those being our heroes, the atmosphere is anything but jolly. They sit down at a table, discuss how they’re going to save their friend, and notice the distant gaze of a posh elf, wine glass in his hands, watching from a table in the distance. Thedon’t’t pay that much attention to it.
Being watched hardly matters when you’re planning a prison escape. Granted, they could also testify that Artwasn’t’t part of the act, but, unsurprisingly, most of them are not aware of politics’ inner workings. They are, however, aware of the inner workings of humanoid bodies. Targal is fairly sure his axe is strong enough to reveal the “mystery” inside the guards. Luckily for the guards, he will not get to test out his theory.
Naila is different from the rest. She knows that when you are watched, you are prey. She is not prey. She is a hunter. So, when the elf leaves his table to exit the inn, she follows him. Figuring out that he is being followed, the elf turns around and weaves magic with his fingers. The jolt of arcane power is overbearing for the young monk, and so her body clenches. She is paralyzed but remembers the face. The elf looks at her and tells her to stop following. She will, but she will remember his face for a long while after. She knows at that moment that he is the Virtuoso.

The next morning, Arty is once again the last to wake up, but for wholly different reasons. It is hard to fall asleep on a stone slab. She found out the hard way. The rest arrive at the town hall early in the morning and manage to discuss with the guard captain. After a short while, Arty is released and the group has, with surprising ease and only mild disobedience, solved a mystery. But all is not done. They know that this Virtuoso is still out there and always hunting for them.

They begin searching for the root of the problem and find it by talking to Lady Miriam, Arty’s employer. She informs them of a secret society named The Purple Lotus. They consider searching for it but decide to take one more day to enjoy the festival. Then, their true journey begins.

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