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5 Relaxing Board Games to Play with your Family

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

November 7, 2020

Family time isn’t always an easy thing. Especially now, during times of crisis, differences in opinion regarding all sorts of things can lead to conflict. If instead, you’d like just to enjoy a light game night, we’ve got a great selection of relaxing board games. These are all family-friendly and great gateway games for total newbies. and if you want similar games you can check out other relaxing board game selections here and here. We also recommend this article from Clujlife, with a nice selection of games you can play with friends and family on the weekends. But now scroll down to view our picks for a relaxing board game night.

Cottage Garden

Let’s start hot! Cottage Garden is one of the best puzzle games out there. As intimidating as it looks at first, it’s just wonderful. Turn by turn, you’ll try to plant as much as possible and avoid having empty patches. It’s casual, thought-provoking and beautifully-designed.

Cottage Garden

Dust in the Wings

Dust in the Wings

Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun

Best Treehouse Ever

Welcome To…

Yes, you read it right, this game doesn’t say where it welcomes you to exactly, but that’s because this one is a roll & write game. That means there’s a heavy element of luck. But it is precisely that element that makes it relaxing. You’ll try and build a city in 1950s America, using bingo-like gameplay.

Welcome to

Stone Age


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