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5 Gateway Board Games 

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

September 27 2020

Not all your friends will be into board games. We are well aware a good bunch has only heard of Catan and Monopoly and assume the rest of the hobby is just as dull. If you’d like to change that and introduce them to what made you fall in love with board gaming, here are the games you should introduce them to!



As opposed to the rest of the games you’ll come across in this article, this one is quite popular (and for a good reason!). Alias doesn’t waste time pretending it’s something it is not, but rather is proud of being a simple party game. The idea sounds quite monotonous at first: one player tries to explain words, while the others try to guess them. The element that makes this game incredibly fun is the time constraint. Your mind will be racing for answers, providing for a very dynamic experience. It’s easy, it’s short, and it’s intense, the perfect combination for a gateway game.

Alias board game


Drop It


Just One

If your friends aren’t into dexterity games, another real simple game is Just One. It’s a guessing game akin to Alias, but the rules are slimmed down. The time limit’s gone and so are the lengthy explanations. Instead, you’ll have to write down just one word each to help one person guess the codeword. This makes for a casual experience, more laid back and open to all types of in-jokes and the like. It’s just a brilliant choice for casual gamers.

Just One

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-kar

Fireball Island

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