The Guild Hall in time of COVID-19

March 30 2020

The Guild Hall is the place for communities, whether you are one of our coworker or come to play board games with your friends, take part in epic battles playing wargames or go on an adventure fighting all kinds of creatures in an awesome Dungeons and Dragons sessions.
We’re grateful that so many of you have been with us from the beginning, and we appreciate everyone that joined us along the way, too.
As many other business, we closed our store for the time being because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, we’re here if you want to surprise your geeky friends with one of our gift cards or stock up on games, paints, and miniatures to help you fight the boredom, as at this time, we’re still accepting orders and shipping games to your home.

You can also help support us by buying your memberships in advance and with that you’ll also get an extra Day Pass waiting for you when we reopen.

Until then, we obviously can’t just stop playing, because life without games is too dull, so we’re gonna come to you with some solutions.

First of all, we know that everywhere you look these days you stumble upon sad news about what the world is facing right now. That’s why we will try to make all our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Discord) a safe place for fun and relaxation, where you can come to take your mind off of what is happening in the world and find cool stuff all about board games, RPGs, wargames and everything geeky. What’s more, we are also trying to combat the stay-at-home loneliness by offering you our Discord server as a place where you can meet with the community and even set up online matches of different types of games (board games, role-playing games etc.)

How you can keep in touch and play games with our cool communities

A lot of our communities are on our Discord server, which you can access here, if you already have the app: If you don’t have the app you have it in just two simple steps. Check out the pictures below.

We want to encourage you to join us there too, so you can talk to people (by making voice calls or simply by messaging each other) and set up games. We will also provide you with a list of online platforms that let you play all sorts of tabletop games (board games, role-playing games etc.).

🎲 On the #board-games channel, you can find a pinned post with online board gaming websites.

🎲 On the #roleplaying-games channel, you can find pinned posts about our RPG for Beginners event and the D&D West Marches sessions.

🎲 On the #magic-the-gathering channel, you can fin a pinned post about Friday Night Magic at home.

🎲 On the #looking-for-group channel, you can set up games with people.

And the greatest part is that when we open the shop again, you can meet those very friends you make there and come over to play games face to face, too!

Boardgames with 15% off to survive the lockdown

Until the 30th of April we have a 15% discount on many boardgames, books, and more. So if you see something interesting on this list, drop us a message on Facebook and we will tell you how you can buy the game and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible. Of course, if you are interested in other games besides these, you can check out what we have in stock here.

News for wargaming fans

Games Workshop is closing their stores, physical and online, and stopping all deliveries until the 14th of April. This means no new products from GW will be entering our store for the time being. Until then, you can buy any of the products that we already have in our stock!
Check out our stock here and if you’d like to buy anything just send us a Facebook message.

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