Warhammer Community in Cluj-Napoca

The Guild Hall is the place where your wargaming hobby can flourish and become a regular thing. Today we shall talk about why becoming a member of the Guild Hall is a wonderful idea when it comes to miniature wargames and miniature painting.

Miniatures, Paints, and Accessories

The Guild Hall is an official stockist for Games Workshop and as such, you can find on our shelves all you need to satisfy you miniature wargaming and painting needs:

  • huge variety of Citadel Paints ideal for wargames and boardgames miniatures. High Quality and durable, these paints are the right choice when it comes to making your miniatures stand out.
  • Paintbrushes of all sizes, Spray Primers, Green Stuff, Plastic Glue, Painting Handles, Paint Sets, and other essential tools are all present on our shelves. Make your hobby easy as a breeze.
  • Painting Workshops. These events are a regular happening at the Hall and you can attend in order to hone your skill or learn new techniques or just be productive and finish your ongoing project. See the Facebook event here
  • Every few months we organize a Painting Competition where you can enter your miniatures and win prizes
  • All the popular game systems are present here. Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40.000, Kill Team, Warhammer Underworlds and many more. You can find here starter sets, individual boxes and heroes to add to your army. All the rule books and army books, measuring tapes and scenarios needed for an amazing gameplay.
  • Not on our shelves? Not a problem. We have a great order system and you will receive your favorite box at the store in under 7 days with no shipping costs. As a member, you will also receive a significant discount on all orders and preorders.

Community and events

All the cool painted miniatures and all the awesome terrains are best showcased on a gaming table where you clash your armies against other generals. The Guild Hall is the place where you can do that in a nice and friendly atmosphere. Here is what we offer:
Join now the Guild Hall and be part of this wonderful hobby and community
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