Miniature Wargames

Useful tools for painting your miniatures

by Vlad, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

April 10 2020

Wargaming is a fun and exciting hobby and another part of the fun consists of painting miniatures, below you can find how you can make an informed decision in buying the proper tools that are useful to paint your miniatures.
Not all painting tools are essential and, in this article, you will find my recommendations.


A good primer forms the foundation of the protective acrylic paint there are 3 types that I heard of: spray, brush-on primer, airbrush primer I cannot stress enough how important the primers for more information you can read below:
Primer brands (not in any order):

  • Citadel Model Primer
  • Army Painter Primer
  • Vallejo Surface Primer


The most common question I get is: what paints should I start with? There is no simple answer but the short one is just buy a set of paints that you think is the best for what you are painting at the moment and after that just buy individual pots that are missing.
Paint brands (not in any order):

  • Vallejo
  • Citadel
  • Army Painter


They come in different shapes and sizes, and for different techniques. There is a wide range that you can choose from. In my opinion, you need two brushes a big one and a small one and as you bet better and better and discover new techniques you will find that you need more specific brushes for your specific needs.

Brushes brands (not in any order):

  • Roubloff Fine-Art
  • Citadel
  • Army Painter


If you want to have an extra layer of protection a good varnish can help you and your minis to last till the end of time. 😛 I do not consider it an essential step.


Now depending on if you have a wet pallet or a normal one you will get different results but with the wet pallet will help you improve your miniature painting by being more consistent.

In conclusion, the TLDR is:

  • Prime your minis
  • Buy a paint set that fits your color scheme or individual pots of paint
  • Big brush to spread the faster on your minis
  • Small Brush for the fine details
If you want to find out more about this hobby and you want to be part of a passionate community, you can find that at The Guild Hall!

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