Summer Tabletop Events at The Guild Hall

Bianca Birsan

by Bianca, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

June 22, 2021

Even if the play area has been open for a while now, and you’ve been able to come with friends and family for board game nights, we missed bringing the TGH community members together. But friends, now it’s official! The beloved events are back at The Guild Hall and we can finally enjoy our favorite games just like in the old times. Well, almost like the old times, because we value the safety of our visitors and we still respect social distancing and hygiene measures. Our events are not only addressed to every single community that has gathered around us but they are already prepared in detail. What’s missing is you, no matter if you’re a beginner, expert, casual or competitive player!
people playing board games at The Guild Hall

Wargaming Events

Special Events – competitions & leagues

26 Iunie – Miniature Painting Competitions, where you’ll be rewarded for your artistic abilities 29 iunie – Cluj Blood Bowl League Season 1 17 iunie – Age of Sigmar Escalation League 24 iulie –  WH 40K Escalation League

Recurring Events

Wargamers playing

Board Game Events

Special Events

8 iulie – Cards Against Humanity

Recurring Events

Happy Monday, every Monday after 6pm the entry fee is just 15 lei/person

Magic: The Gathering Events

Special Events

3 iulie – MTG: Demo Day, if you don’t know how to play, we’ll teach you
17 iulie – Forgotten Realms Prerelease

Recurring Events

Every FridayMTG: Friday Night Magic, where we usually play commander, but we’re down for any format

Dungeons & Dragons Events

Those passionate, or interested, in RPGs and Dungeons & Dragons, are welcome every week at:

Every ThursdayDungeons & Dragons Beginner Sessions, where one of our Dungeon Masters will teach you the basics of the game and hold a short session

Safety measures

The Guild Hall interior

Entry fees

Bauturi nelimitate la The Guild Hall

Make a reservation

Enjoy unlimited drinks and have a great time playing board games

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