Board game nights are back at The Guild Hall

Bianca Birsan

by Bianca, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

May 18 2021

We have great news, probably the greatest news in this last year. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram (or if you read the title of this article) maybe you already know: we reopened the play area!

Our space hasn’t been used for the purpose it was created for, in a long time – for people to play together. Although we found ways of keeping the community united, socializing online will never compare to sitting together at a table for a couple of hours, enjoying our favorite games.

And because it has been such a long time, we want to tell you what awaits you if you decide to visit us.

The Guild Hall Cluj-Napoca

Our communities

Since the beginning, The Guild Hall’s goal has been to be THE place for gaming communities in Cluj-Napoca and the surrounding areas. Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, wargaming and board gaming communities gather periodically in our store, no matter the day and hour. If you are also an enthusiast, or if you are curious about the tabletop world, we can guarantee to welcome you with open arms. With us, you can build new friendships while cultivating your favorite hobby. Even if you don’t have a group of friends who shares your interests, at The Guild Hall you’ll never feel alone! You can start socializing with our communities on our discord server, where you’ll find people like yourself, eager to build a gaming group.

Wargamers playing

Also, if you come to play in our space, we offer useful in-store resources and accessories, like Dungeons & Dragons books and maps, Magic: The Gathering decks, terrain and mats for wargaming, and many other things that you won’t need to buy or carry with you every time you want to play. You can find a list of all the in-store goodies, here. And as a bonus, for the D&D players we have a special offer: Dungeon Masters have a free entry whenever they hold RPG sessions.

people playing Magic The Gathering

Events and game nights

Board game night at The Guild Hall

Our huge game collection

Fort board game

An activity that you can do in Cluj

The Guild Hall interior

Safety measures

The Guild Hall interior

Entry fees

Bauturi nelimitate la The Guild Hall

Make a reservation

Enjoy unlimited drinks and have a great time playing board games

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