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Best Party Games
for Small Groups

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

December 19, 2020

Huzzah! We have passed the halfway mark of December and we are oh-so-close to the finish line. With said finish line come a few celebrations. And while yes, they won’t be the same as they were the year before, there should still be fun. And the fun does, as per usual, include board games. Now, we know that you won’t have the same large holiday groups, but there are some fantastic party games for small groups. And we’re here to show them to you.

5. Exploding Kittens

We can’t go any further without mentioning the king of small party board games. Exploding Kittens is, to this day, the most-backed Kickstarter ever. It is an easy, short and adorable card game centered around a “Russian roulette” mechanic. If you draw an Exploding Kitten, you’re screwed. Well, not exactly. The first time you draw one, you can disarm it, but after that you are at the luck of your cards. It’s great.

Exploding Kittens

4. You’ve Got Crabs!

You've Got Crabs

3. Colt Express

Colt Express

2. BANG!

Sticking with the western theme, BANG! is a hidden identity masterpiece. At the start of the game, everyone will receive a card. They’ll either be the sheriff, a deputy, an outlaw or a renegade. And this is where the fun begins. While the sheriff is revealed, the rest remain hidden. The best part about it, all of them have different win conditions. While the sheriff wants to clean up the town, the outlaws want to take him down and the renegade wants to be the last one left standing. Pair this up with either a plentiful deck of cards in the original version or a more random installment with BANG! The Dice Game is sure to be a good fit for any table.

1. Dungeon Mayhem

Dungeon Mayhem

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