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* All plans which require a member card will incur a 10 RON warranty fee for the card itself. If you no longer require our services, you can simply return the card in a good, usable state and we’ll refund the warranty.

** Day Passes included in the Student, Apprentice and Journeyman monthly memberships can be used to bring guests as well; however, these included Day Passes are non-reportable – any unused Day Passes are reset at the end of the subscription month; The Craftsman membership does not include Day Passes for guests – they are paid separately

*** Student memberships are only available for actively enrolled students (bring your student ID with you)

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What you’ll get

What’s included in the Day Passes & Membership packages

Day Pass

If you want to try out our boardgames, put in some work hours or simply hang around with friends, our place can accommodate that – things work pretty much the same way as an anti-cafe: a day pass gets you full access for an entire day, and you get all the benefits listed below.

Evening Pass

Granted, you may not always be able to visit us for a full day. Don’t worry, we’ve thought about you, and we have a special discount to our Day Pass if you only walk in after 6pm. We call it an “Evening Pass”, yet you still get everything else included in the Day Pass, just at a lower price.

Free drinks (water, tea, coffee)

Spending a full day playing board games or working means you also need to stay hydrated. Water and warm drinks (coffee, tea & hot chocolate) are freely available all throughout your stay. No need to ask for permission, just go grab a cup, and go back to your game table.

Free WiFi access

Home is where you have a great WiFi connection. We’ll make sure that’s certainly something you can expect to get whenever you visit us.

Access to our board game collection

No boardgame club is complete without boardgames you can learn, try out and play. Try before you buy. Or just try instead of buying – your choice. We aim to keep an ever-growing collection of the best tabletop games around.

Someone to explain the rules

The first steps in the boardgame world or with any new game can often feel overwhelming. Our team is always here, ready to do some hand-holding and explain the game mechanics for whatever you want to try or buy from our collection, before you do it.

Access to in-store wargame terrain

Are you into miniature wargaming? We’ll make sure you don’t have to carry all that cool terrain with you everytime you want to play a new game. Just bring your best armies with you, and make use of our in-store terrain every time you need it.

Access to RPG books and accessories

Rulebooks. Dice. Dice trays. GM screens. Player aids. While not essential, all of these help make your RPG events much more enjoyable. We’ll keep some around for you to use, just in case the need arises.

Advice on game selection/purchase

Need a new party game? Out of cool co-op games to play? Your friend’s birthday is coming up and you need a cool present, but you aren’t sure what to buy? Fret no more, we’re here to help! Just ask our friendly in-store staff for some advice, we’ll do our best to find something to suit all needs and budgets. And if we have it in our collection, we encourage you to try it before you buy it.

Guild Membership

If you know you’ll be joining us often, we’ve got Monthly Membership plans which include a personalized pre-order system, priority on reservations, voting on new in-store games, permanent store discounts and discounted Day Passes. We even have something planned for the freelancers out there looking for a cool co-work space (check out the Craftsman monthly plan).

Personalized pre-order system

This is where things get really awesome! Are you looking for some odd, hard to get miniature for your collection? Waiting for that great new expansion to your board game to come out? Let us know about it, and if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll order it especially for you. No need to search in a hundred different places any more. Also, this comes with an extra 5% off to your current membership discount.

Priority on reservations

While reservations will work for pretty much anyone who wants to join, we’ll always keep some reserved seats for our Guild Members. So there’s always a higher chance that you’ll find a seat if you’re a Member and you let us know in advance.

Voting on new in-store games

We mentioned our ever-growing collection of board games. What we didn’t mention is that we will rely on our Guild Members to help us pick whatever they want us to open and bring to the collection every month. This way, we make sure you always find whatever it is you’re interested in to play when you visit us.

Store discount

Oh, discounts – the Holy Grail of board gamers! Get a permanent store discount on all the board games you buy or pre-order from us. This store discount is considered to be a “minimum” discount you get from us on any purchase, however it is not be cumulative with other running discounts or vouchers. Any exceptions to this rule will be clearly communicated beforehand.

Discounted additional Day Passes

If you’ve got a Guild Membership and you run out of the Day Passes included in your plan in any particular month, any additional passes you might need that month will come at a discount if you’re an active Guild Membership holder.

Guaranteed cowork hotdesk seat

Our Craftsman monthly membership is designed for people who want to go beyond the craft of tabletop games and use our space as a co-work place. You will have a guaranteed seat at one of our tables during work days (Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10am and 6pm). After 6pm, seating is best-effort – but if you still want to work you’re welcome to do so. Or, you can simply take a break and enjoy a board game instead – there’s enough time for work tomorrow.

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