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Top 5 Chill-out Games We Love

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

November 23, 2020

There are times where your brain just wants to turn off. If you’re going to play something simple and welcoming, let us show you our current favorite chill-out board games. These are 5 games that can give you that calm game night experience.

Chill-out board game #5 – Discover: Lands Unknown

When this game was released, it stirred a fair bit of criticism. No two copies of this game are alike. Everyone has an entirely different experience, with different zones and characters.

At its core, Discover: Lands Unkown is a game about adventure. You’ll spend most of your time traveling around, discovering new areas, defeating some enemies, gathering resources, and the like. What’s better, there are a few unique playable characters, which will offer plenty of replayability.


Chill-out board game #4 – Villagers


Chill-out board game #3 – Takenoko


Chill-out board game #2 – Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon

Although Ishtar will seem quite overwhelming at first, with its mainboard, drafting board, player board and plenty of little pieces, it’ll all quickly gel into a beautiful experience of turning the desert into the Gardens of Babylon. Mostly, it’s a game that thrives on moderation. It has a moderate duration, moderate difficulty and moderate adherence to the theme. It’s nothing fancy, but it is cute, fun and allows for a fair bit of strategy and planning.


Chill-out board game #1 – Calico


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