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Warhammer Community in Cluj

TABLETOP 101 Warhammer Community in Cluj-NapocaThe Guild Hall is the place where your wargaming hobby can flourish and become a regular thing. Today we shall talk about why becoming a member of the Guild Hall is a wonderful idea when it comes to miniature wargames and...

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Types of games

TABLETOP 101 Types of games We live in a golden era of games where we have access to thousands and thousands of wonderful games and accessories. Some core mechanics can be identified in most games and it is easy to find what you want to play using that knowledge. You...

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Popular Mechanics in Board Games

TABLETOP 101 Popular Mechanics in Board GamesNew to the entire board game phenomenon? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the vast number of titles being released each month? Having difficulties with finding a game that fits your personal taste and style of play? No...

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How do I get into Dungeons and Dragons-Part Two

Role Playing Games How do I get into Dungeons and Dragons? Part 2 Raul Racolta, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall Welcome to the second article in this Dungeons and Dragons series. This part is dedicated to giving you a rough guide on how to begin your wonderful...

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