Shows to watch in Quarantine

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

April 14 2020

Well hello there, dear reader! Are you bored, by any chance? We thought so. Do not worry, however! We’ve decided to help you get rid of the boredom by recommending some exceptional geeky material you can watch in your downtime!

Catch up with Critical Role

You’ve most likely heard about it. Some of you might have even watched it. Many of you have probably been scared to join the fun, because of the incredible mass of content. Well, here’s your chance to finally get into this hit show! For those who haven’t watched it, we’ll describe briefly: a group of amazingly talented voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. It’s breathtaking. We cannot give enough praise to Critical Role. Speaking for myself, the show is a perfect mix of funny and emotional. Matt Mercer has created a breathing world, and its great players only empower that. If you want to watch some D&D, we recommend it. We also advise you to start with season 2, as its production is higher quality, therefore more comfortable to get into.

Game Night!

Another classic, Game Night, is a board gamer player’s bread and butter. The premise is simple: friends playing a different board game every night. Along with the fact it is a funny playthrough of games, it also serves as a means of teaching new board games! Give it a try, you’ll surely like it!

The Dice Tower Podcast

Now this one is an oldie, but goldie. Having its start back in 2006, The Dice Tower is a legend of board gaming podcasts we wholeheartedly recommend. It goes into reviews, news and everything else board game related. It also boasts a library of over 600 episodes. If you finish them all in this quarantine, you’re sure to get a prize.

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