Gift Guide

Secret Santa ideas

– Games edition –

by Rossy, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

November 29 2019

Secret Santa gift exchanges will be happening soon, so we are here to give you a hand with what gifts to buy.

What you’ll find here is a curated list of role-playing, card or board games and accessories that your gamer friends will surely love!

The budget we are aiming for is under 70 RON and the categories we are focusing on in this article will be the following:

1. Board Games and Card Games

Blossom (54 RON)

– a charming two-player game about creating bouquets. Colorful and with fantastic art, this game will impress everyone.

Exit (64 RON)

– a series of “escape room” games that can be enjoyed even by non-boardgames. Intense and smart, they might be just what you need.

High Risk (61 RON)

– a small push your luck game where your goal is to climb a dangerous mountain that will serve as an excellent warmup to your game night.

Cortex (63 RON)

– a series of short brain teasers that you have to solve before the other players. Win the most challenges and be crowned the fastest thinker.

Carti Escape – Jaf in Venetia (45 RON)

– an escape room game that fits in your pocket! Go through the deck, solve all the puzzles and challenges and “escape” before 60 minutes run out.

Bunuri Regale (53 RON)

– choose the best buildings to have a resource making engine that gets you the most points at the end of the game – a small game that makes you think very carefully about your actions each round.

Love Letter (EN – 61 RON, RO – 49 RON)

– a short card game where you change characters and use their special actions to take other players out of the game or have the most valuable character when the game finishes.

Povesti Intunecate (34 RON)

– a fun short game where you have to figure out the context and motive of a character’s death. There are 50 cards in the game, and each of them is a riddle or a short story that has to be solved by asking questions and talking amongst the players.

Ligretto (33 RON)

– be the first player to get rid of all his cards! This is a quick fun game of placing numbered cards on the table and getting rid of all your cards before the other players.

Zombie Dice (63 RON)

– shoot as many zombies as you can but be careful not to get bitten too many times! Zombie Dice is a push your luck game of rolling dice and collecting as many brains as you can while knowing when to stop and take a break to heal your wounds.


– for the friend that has a lot of games, how about upgrading them with a cool new expansion?

Dixit (65 RON)

Port Royal: Doar inca un contract (50 RON)

Onitama: Sensei’s Path (65 RON)

Carcassonne (49 RON)

Imperial assault Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack and Thrawn Villain Pack (65 RON)

King of Tokyo Monster Pack – Anubis, Cthulhu or King Kong (40 RON)

Hive – Ladybug, Mosquito or Pillbug (35 RON)

Dungeon Mayhem: Battle for Baldur’s Gate (43 RON)

Streaking Kittens (49 RON)

Zombie Dice 2 (43 RON)

Magic: The Gathering Boosters (14-15 RON)

– help your friend upgrade their deck by giving them a couple of boosters where they will surely find some useful cards.

2. Role-playing games

D&D 5e adventures (40 RON)

– a selection of shorter adventures that your dungeon master friend might want to use in his future sessions. They are suitable for different character levels, and they each have a unique story.


– how about upgrading your friend’s gaming experience with colorful dice (20-70 RON), tokens – standard or specific – (18-45 RON), spellbook cards (30-65 RON) or miniatures (25-35 RON)?

3. Miniature War Games

Citadel Paints

– for your miniature painting friends, how about choosing a couple of paints (17-29 RON), some brushes (20-40 RON) or some basing materials (20-60 RON)? We have around 650-700 paints in our store, so you’re sure to find something they might like.


– We have in stock a wide variety of tools necessary for all the hobbyists in their daily endeavors. We have tools for all kinds of uses (16-60 RON), Green Stuff (23 RON liquid, 46 RON solid) to cover the imperfections and gaps or handles (38 RON medium, 56 RON XL) to hold the miniature in place while you paint it.

Bonus ideas

We hope that all these suggestions were helpful, but if you’re still looking for something else, we have 3 more ideas for you:

Știma Apelor

– a beautiful Romanian comic book written and drawn by Maria Surducan and Anna Julia Benczedi that’s all about love, trust, magic and greed!

50lei Gift Card

– maybe your friend needs a little help buying that massive game she dreams about, or you’re not sure what games she has in her collection. Either way, a gift card is always a good idea.

For even more ideas pay us a visit and we will help you find the perfect gift.

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