5-Year Anniversary raffle

Contest rules

Earn 500 RON gift vouchers!

(27.06.2023 – 23.09.2023)

The organizers and contest rules

The contest is organized by The Guild Hall SRL, based in Cluj-Napoca, on Samuil Micu Street no. 4. The contest will take place according to the provisions of the present official regulation, this being obligatory for all the participants in the contest. The contest participants are obliged to respect the terms and conditions of the regulations according to those mentioned below.

Duration of the contest

The contest takes place starting on 27.06.2023 and ends on 23.09.2023 at 23:59. The draw will take place within 48 hours after the end of this period.


For every 200 RON spent in The Guild Hall online store during the campaign period using the same customer account (all orders per customer account will be summed up during the campaign), participants are automatically assigned a virtual raffle ticket. Thus, a customer will receive a number of virtual tickets corresponding to the cumulative value of all orders placed during the campaign period. Following the draw, the prizes mentioned in the contest rules will be awarded.

The virtual raffle tickets will be tracked by The Guild Hall team and they will not be sent physically or digitally to participants. Any participant will be able to request the communication of the number of virtual tickets accumulated up to that moment, at any time during the campaign.

Conducting the contest

The participants will be automatically registered for the entire period of the contest, leading to the draw, which will take place within 48 hours of the end of the campaign period.

Prizes consist of three vouchers worth 500 RON each to be used in the online shop

Winners will be chosen using the random.org website. The list of participants and virtual raffle tickets will be administered by The Guild Hall – for reasons of confidentiality, any data made public except those of the winners will be anonymized. To implement this contest, the organizer processes the following personal data provided by customers: Name, First name, Phone number, and Email address. By simply participating in this campaign, participants understand that their personal data will be processed by the organizer for the purposes of organizing the campaign, drawing, validation, announcing winners on social media platforms, and awarding prizes.

Personal data collected in this contest will be disclosed by the organizer only to the winners – only the winners’ names being publicly announced on the social media pages.

Rights and obligations

The vouchers are valid for three months from the date of receiving them. The organizer may reserve the right not to include participants not meeting the eligibility criteria.

If a person wishes to be excluded from automatic participation in the raffle, they can communicate this request to The Guild Hall team via email or Facebook chat.


By participating in the contest, all participants agree and undertake to comply with all requirements and conditions imposed by the organizer by these official regulations.