4-Year Anniversary raffle

Contest rules

4 years of TGH, 4 vouchers


(01.08.2022 – 24.09.2022)

The organizers and contest rules

The contest is organized by The Guild Hall SRL, based in Cluj-Napoca, on Samuil Micu Street no. 4. The contest will take place according to the provisions of the present official regulation, this being obligatory for all the participants in the contest. The contest participants are obliged to respect the terms and conditions of the regulations according to those mentioned below.

Duration of the contest

The contest takes place starting with 01.08.2022 and ends on 24.09.2022 at 23:59.

During this time, participants can accumulate virtual raffle tickets by different methods – each ticket represents a chance to win one voucher from each category listed below: online shopping and purchased memberships. The raffle will take place during the day of 25.09.2022. 4 vouchers will be offered as a prize following a raffle: 2 worth 500 RON and 2 worth 250 RON.


To obtain any virtual raffle tickets, participants can choose one or both of the categories described below. The same person can obtain virtual raffle tickets for any of the 2 categories, finally participating in the raffle for each of the voucher types he decided to participate in. Therefore, the same person can win a maximum amount of 2 vouchers, one for each category.

1. Online shopping – for every 200 RON spent in The Guild Hall online shop during the campaign, participants will be automatically assigned a virtual raffle ticket, which will be used in the raffle for the first 2 vouchers (one for 500 RON and one for 250 RON) offered as a prize.

2. Purchase memberships – for each membership purchased during the campaign, participants will be automatically assigned a virtual raffle ticket, which will be used in the raffle for the other 2 vouchers (one for 500 RON and one for 250 RON).


Virtual raffle tickets will be tracked by The Guild Hall team, they will not be sent physically or digitally to participants. Any participant will be able to request the communication of the number of virtual tickets accumulated up to that moment, at any time during the campaign.

Conducting the contest

The participants will be automatically registered in the contest for the entire duration of the contest by any of the 2 methods described in the eligibility section, leading to the raffle which will take place on 25.09.2022. The prizes consist of 4 vouchers: 1 worth 500 RON & 1 worth 250 RON for each of the 2 categories: online shopping and purchased memberships. Two winners will be chosen for each category, in 2 separate raffle draws.

The winners will be chosen at random, using the random.org site. The first 2 participants in each raffle draw will be the winners of 500 RON, respectively 250 RON voucher. The list of participants and virtual raffle tickets will be administered by The Guild Hall – for reasons of confidentiality, any data made public except those of the winners will be anonymized.

At the end of the campaign, the winners will receive the vouchers in electronic format, by email or Facebook chat.

Rights and obligations

Each of the vouchers thus obtained will be valid until 31.12.2022, and can be used for a single purchase made in our store in Cluj-Napoca, Str. Samuil Micu no. 4, or in our online store. These vouchers cannot be combined with other available discounts and cannot be exchanged for cash. They can be used both for the purchase of products and for the purchase of Day Passes and/or memberships at The Guild Hall.

The organizer may reserve the right not to involve in the contest the participants who do not meet the eligibility criteria.

If a person wishes to be excluded from the automatic participation in the raffle, he can communicate this request to The Guild Hall team, by email or on Facebook chat.


By participating in the contest, all participants agree and undertake to comply with all requirements and conditions imposed by the organizer by these official regulations.

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