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Magic: The Gathering 
Gift Guide

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

November 28 2020

You’ve run out of time, but a gift needs to be bought. You HAVE to get something, and you have to get it now. You have no idea what your friend might need, but you know they like Magic: The Gathering. You’re in luck.

If you were looking for some Magic: The Gathering gift ideas, we’ve got you fully covered. Here are our recommendations for great gifts for MTG players at two varying price points. Lastly, we can deliver these gifts to anyone, anywhere within Romania! 

So let’s dive into our Magic: The Gathering gift guide:

1. MTG Gift Guide: The Acquaintance (~50lei)

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to get them a great gift, these are the best choices you can make.


No matter the set, boosters are always a great buy. Inside they get 15 cards of varying rarities and colors that they can use to level up their decks.

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide Chessex gemini Dice

Premium Sleeves

Nothing will make an Magic: The Gathering player drool more than a stack of Dragon Shield sleeves to protect their favourite cards.

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide DnD Adventures

A Deckbox

If your friend has plenty of cards, giving them a place to stock them all is a great choice.

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide Chessex Glow in the Dark dice

Jumpstart Boosters

Buy anyone two of these and together they’ll form a complete playable deck. It’s a quick and fun way to play Magic: The Gathering!

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide DnD miniatures

Theme Boosters

If you know what color they like, how about getting them a booster with cards of just that color? That’s what theme boosters are for! 

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide DnD miniatures

A Satin Tower Deckbox

A beautiful, sturdy deckbox that fits up to 100 sleeved cards and some of your Magic: The Gathering accessories, like dice and tokens.

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide DnD miniatures

2. MTG Gift Guide: The Hobby Bro (~100lei)

If it’s someone you’re close to (or even played your fair share of games with) you might want to get them something a tidbit more expensive. We’ve got you covered.

A Premium Deckbox

Cool designs and better materials! What’s there not to like? These are a step up from your usual deck box.

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide DnD Token Set

A Commander Deck

A fully built deck usable in Magic: The Gathering’s popular Commander format, where your deck centers around a single strong creature and its themes.

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide Spell Cards

A Zendikar Rising Prerelease Pack

A great pack of the Magic: The Gathering set, Zendkiar Rising, that contains boosters and plenty of other cool stuff inside. As of now, Zendikar Rising is the latest MTG set released.

Dungeons and Dragons Gift Guide Dice Bags

Bonus idea

We hope that all these suggestions were helpful, but if you’re still looking for something else, we have one more idea for you:

The Guild Hall Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what Magic: The Gathering related goodies they already have, then a gift card is always a good idea. They come in 3 flavours: 50 lei, 100 lei, and 200 lei.

These are the best possible gifts you can get a Magic: The Gathering player. They can all be bought from either our real life store or online shop and some of them are even on sale. Get them while you still can.

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