A resource management card game where 2-4 players compete to take their kingdom from the dark ages to the enlightenment. Outwit and out-plan up to 3 other players as you race to lead your people to prosperity, and make a few enemies along the way.

Each player gets 5 cards and 3 actions per turn to try and advanced their kingdom. Cards can improve their lands, add a new person to their kingdom or create events to gain an advantage from the competition. Each kingdom starts with riches that they can use to obtain resources when in need, but these can also be stolen or looted. Players start drawing from the Basic deck and as their kingdom progresses players can draw more powerful cards from the Intermediate and Advanced deck. Most cards have resource requirements so it’s important to make wise decisions and manage your resources. Cards in play provide resources (Wood, Metal, Food, and Population), attack, defense and the ever-important Victory Points (VPs). When the “Age of Enlightenment” card is drawn from the Advanced deck, players will get one more and then the game will end. Who ever has the most victory points wins!



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