Dodgy Dogs is a card game all about bad dogs. Use strategy and luck to get rid of all of your Dodgy Dogs as quickly as possible!

The premise of the game is simple. Each player starts with seven cards, these cards showing a breed of dog doing a particular action like every naughty dog would do. Players then take it in turns playing cards, ensuring each card played either matches the size of the dog (small, medium, large and massive, all represented by a separate colour) or the behaviour of the dog, anything from digging and biting, to stealing and humping!

Play continues until a player can’t play a card. They then have to draw a maximum of three cards from the deck, one at a time and either play a card that matches or if none do, take all three cards. The action cards also add an additional element to the game. The puppies card forces players to pick up a set amount of cards, Dog Whisperer allows the play to whisper a behaviour to the next player and they have to play that and the Wild Card means each players hand moves to the left, really mixing the game up!

There is also a Leader of the Pack card for each size category which allows players to discard all of the cards of the same size along with that card. This all continues until one player gets rid of all their cards and is declared the winner!


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