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Star Wars Armada: The Corellian Conflict

2018-12-18 @ 19:00 - 22:00

The Galactic Civil War was not won in a single battle. The epic conflict at the heart of Star Wars saw countless skirmishes, waged in hundreds of systems and over thousands of planets. Even the ancient Core Worlds were touched by the spark of rebellion. Soon, with The Corellian Conflict, you and your friends will be able to wage strategic battles for key hyperlane routes, seize vital shipyards, establish new bases, and decide the fate of the Corellian Sector. Working as teams, you will take sides with the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, then meet your foes in battle for control of vital worlds. New campaign rules guarantee that your battles have long-term consequences, and the experience you gain from your victories may prove invaluable toward the success of your overall campaign.

Join us at The Guild Hall in a series of linked games that will decide the fate of the Corellian Sector.

Star Wars Armada is a miniature game that simulates battles between large capital ships, fighters and support craft. All under your control.

We will have two Teams: The Galactic Empire and The Rebel Alliance, each with 3 slots open.

People who want to participate but don’t know the rules have the opportunity to learn them from more experienced players and those of you who don’t own miniatures for the game will receive a fleet to use from the other players 🙂

Leave a comment on our Facebook event page and we will make the necessary arrangements 🙂


19:00 - 22:00
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The Guild Hall
The Guild Hall - Samuil Micu 4
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The Guild Hall