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Klausenburg Carnage 1st Edition

2019-09-28 @ 12:00 - 22:00

Join us for the first Age of Sigmar Meeting Engagements Tournament in Cluj-Napoca!

+++ Participation Rules +++
Participation fee: TBA
The tournament will use the core rules – including those pertaining to allegiance abilities, warscroll battalions and Realm of Battle rules – and the Pitched Battle rules and the rules for Hidden Agendas from the latest General’s Handbook. In addition, it will use the rules
for endless spells, spells of the realms, and artefacts of the realms from Malign Sorcery.
In order to take part in the tournament you must bring along a painted army of Citadel Miniatures (no proxies of anykind allowed) mounted on the recommended bases (no square bases are allowed). You’ll also need dice, a tape measure, all of the rules for
the army you are using, and copies of your army roster.

+++ Army Composition Rules +++
The army you use must be chosen using the Meeting Engagement rules to a points value of 1,000 points. You can bring along additional painted models to allow you to summon units to the battlefield, and so you have suitable models should
certain rules or abilities require you to set up an extra unit, or replace a model with a different one. You must use the same army and additional models for all of the games you play in the tournament.

You must pick six Hidden Agendas for your army and record them on your army roster.

You must pick a different Hidden Agenda from the six on your roster in each round of the tournament. If you complete the Hidden Agenda, you will receive a bonus to your points score for the game
(see below), but you will not receive an extra triumph or count a tie or draw as a minor victory. You cannot pick the same Hidden Agenda more than once during the tournament – you must pick a
different one in each round.

+++ Duration of the Tournament +++
You will play three Meeting Engagements in the tournament. The time limit for each game is 1 ½ hours. You can get extended up to a maximum of 15 minutes after the judge approves if the game is at a standstill.

+++ Battle rounds +++
Fifteen minutes before the start of each round, the tournament organisers will tell you which battleplan is to be used in that round, in which realm the battles in that round are taking place, and which realmscape feature from the Realm of Battle rules for that realm will be used in that round.

In the first round, you will play against a randomly selected opponent. In each succeeding round, the players will be ranked according to the number of points they have scored for winning
games (when scores are tied, all players with the same score
will be ranked in a random order). The first-ranked player will play against the second-ranked player, the third-ranked player will play against the fourth-ranked player, and so on.

+++ Scoring +++
After each round, you must fill in a results form with both players’ name and player number, the result your opponent achieved at
the end of the game (note that a player suffers a minor loss if their opponent wins a minor victory, and a major loss if their opponent wins major victory) the number of your opponent’s Hidden Agenda and if they completed it, and the painting and etiquette scores for your opponent. Then add up your opponent’s total score. An
example of a results form is included opposite.

You must also record the kill points your opponent scored on their results sheet. Your opponent’s kill points are equal to the points value of units from your army that were destroyed during the battle, excluding any new units that were added to your army after the battle started.

After each round, you will receive points for how well you did in the battle (up to 60 points). To this will be added your painting score for
that round (up to 25 points), your etiquette score for that round (up to 5 points), and if you completed your Hidden Agenda for that round (up to 10 points). The maximum possible score for a single
round is therefore 100 points. Note that any additional models you bring are included when the painting score for your army is evaluated.

+++ Determining the Winner +++
The winner of the tournament will be decided by adding together the points each player received in each round. In the case of a tie, the total painting scores of the tied players will be used as the first
tiebreaker; the total etiquette scores of any remaining tied players will be used as the second tiebreaker; and the total kill points scored by any remaining tied players will be used as the third tiebreaker. If
any players still remain tied, then the player with the best painted army in the opinion of the organisers is the winner.


12:00 - 22:00
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