Enter the giveaway and win 3x vouchers 500 lei each

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by The Guild Hall

July 5,  2021

We’re is turning 3 years old! Participate in the raffle for the chance of winning 3 vouchers each worth 500 lei!

Giveaway The Guild Hall

The Guild Hall will turn three years old this fall, and because we want to celebrate with you and thank you for supporting us, we’re organizing something really special. 🎁

Starting today (July 05) until September 23 at 23:59, you have the chance of entering the 3 raffles. Each of them has a 500 lei voucher as a prize, so you’ll have the chance of winning a total of 1500 lei if you participate in all 3 of them!

How to enter the giveaway

Make a reservation

Enjoy unlimited drinks and have a great time playing board games

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