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Cute card games you must try out

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

May 14 2020

Bored of your old boring deck of playing cards? Say no more! The Guild Hall has been working on a selection of fun, diverse card games for you to choose from. No more time spent between Aces and Queens! Now is the time of unicorns, llamas and adventurers. Here are our favorites:

Llamas Unleashed

In this world, there is nothing cuter than llamas. Scratch that. In this world, there is nothing cuter than llamas, other than rams, goats and alpacas. Scratch that too! Why? Because of Llamas Unleashed. In this unique card game, you have to be the fastest player to gather up a heard of animals, along with their babies. You heard it: BABY LLAMAS! If you want to have a great laugh with an easy and incredibly sweet game, get your hands on Llamas Unleashed!

Llamas Unleashed board game

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns board game

Dungeon Mayhem

Want to pair up cuteness with an all-out brawl? Want to play a signature fantasy class from D&D, but always felt it’s too complicated? No worries! Dungeon Mayhem has got you covered. Dungeon Mayhem is a card game developed by Wizards of the Coast, the same company behind D&D, which allows you to pick from one of four decks, all of which are defined by a specific class. Then, using a simple icon-based system, you fight in a continuous battle. You can heal, deal damage, build up shields, and use special abilities. The end goal? Be the last one standing!

The cherry on top of the battle sundae is the fact that we also have the two expansions in store! Both introduce new fighters, some new mechanics, and one even gives you a bigger storage box for all your Dungeon Mayhem cards! 

Dungeon Mayham board game


Maybe you’re a not a man of battle. Maybe you like pranks more. Well, we have a game for the prankster inside you. Travelin’ is a fun game in which the purpose is to travel to 5 different European countries while perturbing the other travelers. Collect bus, train or plane tickets, give your opponents a spoiled kebab or guide them towards an arrogant hiker, all to prevent them from collecting the countries with the highest scores. Travelin is a quick, yet competitive game, while also being a ton of fun!

Well, that should be enough cuteness to last you a while. It sure is enough for us. If you’d like to get your hands on any of these or similar games, be sure to check out our online shop

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