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Build-a-Blast: The Triple-Blooded Dragon

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

April 24 2020

Do you like dragons? I mean, do you REALLY like dragons? We have the cure for you. If you like dragons, we put dragons on your dragons so you could dragon while you dragon. This week in our Build-A-Blast: Triple-Blooded-Dragon.

The Origin

Although I personally am not a fan of sorcerers, I’ve always been interested in the Draconic Bloodline. Having dragon blood has always felt really cool. What has also felt cool is the Purple Dragon Knight fighter. So what if we combined them? Introducing: Triple-Blooded Dragon.

The Theme

It is quite simple. A dragonborn with three different scale colors. One purple and two other of different colors. What colors are up to you, but the idea is that is quite fun. Imagine the story of our dragonborn is trying to find his lineage and how it got so jumbled up. Maybe a blue dragon and a red dragon got together and maybe they had a human friend? The possibilities are endless!


The Gameplay

Admittedly, this combination is not that powerful. You end up being a slightly underpowered supportive half-caster. There are some good parts. First, you can afford to take up no armor, as your Sorcerous Origin will make your AC be respectable. Add to that a dex-based fighter build with the PDK and you’ll be quite survivable. As for out-of-combat, you’ll thrive. Not only do you have sorcerer charisma, but you also have expertise in persuasion because of the fighter levels. For spells, try to focus on buffs and utility options, leaving your big bangs to other casters.

Tips & Tricks

  • Mix Haste with Action Surge for a deadly round of combat.
  • Booming Blade actually works because of your Fighter level.
  • Stay in melee with enemy casters and ensure you can Counterspell them hard and true.
  • Try out a long-range supporter using Flame Arrows and healing your backline with Rallying Cry once they’ve been damage.
  • You can even center damaging spells on yourself, provided you use spells to which you are resistant. 

That is all we have to say about this draconic warrior! The rest, adventurer, is up to you. Feel free to send us messages about how you designed your Triple-Blooded Dragon.

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