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7 Board Games to play with Kids

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

September 8, 2020

You want to shape the kids around you into their best versions, improving both their critical thinking and puzzle-solving in a fun way, right? Then what better choice is there than board games? And, to help you choose the perfect game for you, here are a few favorites of the Guild Hall Family (with me being the kid of said family). 


Blossoms is the perfect game for any parent who wants to get closer to his little reflection through games. All you have to do is plant, water, and cut flowers, hoping to collect as many points as possible. The best part of the game comes from the easy rules, the beautiful art, and the game’s short duration, which makes it the perfect match for a short period of family relaxation. Moreover, once the little ones have understood the basic rules, new special powers can be easily added by turning the pot tokens upside down.

Blossoms board game

Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden board game

Ticket to Ride


For the smallest of players, NMBR 9 is a wonderful choice, as it’s a fun way of teaching both numbers and simple puzzles! Using a pile of tiles that each represent a different number, you’ll be slowly building up a stacking puzzle, that will earn you more points based on how many numbers you can add to your puzzle starting from the second level onwards. Small kids will surely enjoy this game, as it has few rules and is also educational!

NMBR 9 board game

Kingdom Builder

Kingdom Builder

5 Minute Chase

5 Minute Chase board game

Formula D

Formula D board game

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