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5 Reasons Board Games Make the Best Gifts

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

December 4, 2020

Alright, Christmas is coming up and although it may seem like it’s still far away now, you’ll most likely end up with less than a day to find a gift for your workplace Secret Santa raffle. So, to prepare you for that moment, here are 5 reasons why board games make the best gifts.


5. They vary in price, but not necessarily in quality!

While yes, the gifts are not for you, the price tag on them is, and sometimes you are limited by a budget. One could say the same thing for clothes, fancy dinners or about anything else, but there’s a big difference: quality. The difference between a 50 RON board game and a 250 RON boardgame is not necessarily quality, but rather size. If you’re running low on cash, buying someone a small board game is a great way to show you put in some interest. For perspective, take a look at Hanamikoji, an amazing game for under 50 RON!


4. They are LITERALLY for everyone

Fireball Island

3. Time is the best gift of all

TIME Stories

2. They’ll get your brain going

Although some of our readers might be well past school or even university, fun means of learning are always a good thing. Not to mention how vital such means are for children. If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a kid, board games are a great middle-ground between fun and problem-solving. If you’re particularly interested in educational games, you can check out that exact category in our online shop and find the best of the best. One such example is Cortex, which has plenty of awesome variations.


1. They are just plain fun

Unstable Unicorns

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