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5 History-themed Games

by Serban, Quartermaster @ The Guild Hall

September 29 2020

Our world is filled with excellent history! Reading about it is, however, quite dull. We know it, you know it, everybody knows it. However, if you want to know your world’s history and mythology, another great way of doing it is through board games! Here are some of the games that have taught us a little bit about the world!


Crusader Kings

We’ll start with something quite close to home: Europe. If you’ve ever dreamt of taking control of Europe’s messy Middle Ages, there’s no better game than Crusader Kings. Whether you’ll be playing as England, Spain, the German states or the Italian states, each faction has a dynasty with all sorts of traits and powers. The game is also incredibly deep, using cards, personality traits, various scenarios, armies, and, of course, the legendary crusades. The fight is not only for Europe itself but for Jerusalem. Will you be the one to win it all?

Crusader Kings board game
Crusader Kings Councilors & Inventions Expansion

Five Tribes

Five Tribes

Civilization: A New Dawn


Mare Nostrum: Empires

In Mare Nostrum: Empires, you’ll be testing your mettle on the Mediterranean Sea as one of the great empires that fought for its dominance. The game gives you plenty of freedom in growing your empire, giving you the chance to do this in a multitude of ways, ranging in brutality as you see fit (and yeah, some times you might want to be very brutal). It’s a wonderfully diverse game that offers plenty of meaningful choices and entertainment for those who wish to rule the world.

Mare Nostrum Empires



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